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All About Our Products



At Le Chateau Textiles we strongly believe in doing things right or not at all. This is what drives our buyers and manufacturers to create the highest quality fabrics and products for your business and your customer. We pride ourselves in the quality we deliver and strive to ensure that it never falls short of expectation but exceeds.



We are extremely lucky here at Le Chateau Textiles, to have very highly experienced people working alongside one another. With over 30 combined years experience within the textile industry, we know what works and what doesn't. The expertise our team posses, go into every factor of our company, from buying to delivery all the way to invoicing. There will always be someone to answer your questions and make your ordering easy.



All of our William Morris prints are fully licensed and authentic to the original design. Buying William Morris through ourselves guarantee's you are getting an authentic, high quality product that William himself would put his name on. Considering we are situated around 15 minutes from Kelmscott, we would be doing Mr.Morris a disservice to do it any other way!

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